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Ruben, the Cavoodle/Cavapoo

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Can we join in? I've been enjoying this forum for such a long time hoping that one day I would own my very own cockapoo/spoodle. My husband wasn't keen on getting another dog after his long time companion passed away after 18 years. The problem was that I desperately wanted my very own 'poo'.

I began volunteering at a local shelter hoping that would fill the void but it didn't. It just made me want my own dog even more. All these lonely homeless dogs :(

I met many wonderful people through the shelter and found out that there were two King Charles Cavalier females that were resecued from a puppy factory/puppy mill. They girls were both pregnant to a male poodle resulting in the most delightful 'Cavoodles/Cavapoos' puppies . I knew then and there that I had to have one. I went against my husbands wishes and adopted my own little ball of fluff and named him Ruben.

Ruben is now 5 months old and he is the most precious thing ever. I have so much love for him that my heart hurts, it really does. And oh yeah, hubby loves him too, how could you not! My best friend adopted Ruben's half sister, one of the pups from the other litter. Her name is Indy and they are one week apart and the best of friends. The four of us do everything together. We call them the twins.

My passion has turned to educating the public about the horrors that take place in many puppy factories. Ruben's Mum was locked in a small cage for 8 years, she had never felt grass under her feet, never ran, never played. The list of medical ailments these poor Mum's had made me cry. Ruben and Indy are typical designer dogs and the type of dogs that these puppy factories are pumping out, all at the expense of the parent dogs.

Even though Ruben isn't a cockapoo, I can't find any Cavoodle/cavapoo forums to join. Hope you don't mind me slipping in here! :)

Love Leonie and Ruben xoxox

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Oh Ruben is SO adorable! Welcome :) That's a very sweet (and heartbreaking) story. I hope the moms of the puppies were able to have a happy life after such cruelty. Yes, the puppies are adorable, but it's hard to think about what the parents go through just so somebody can make money:(
Hi Leonie and Ruben!

You are more than welcome to join us on here! :D

What a lovely story and how great that you have Ruben and he is such a special part of your life! He is gorgeous! :)

Well done for promoting responsible breeding of poodle crosses, we have the same issues in the UK with breeding. :(

Myself and another member (who also own a Cavapoo) have a Cockapoo Owners Club but we also welcome owners with other poodle crosses. Although we are a UK club we also have a few members from overseas. Please feel free to have a look http://www.cockapoo-owners-club.org.uk/

I look forward to hearing more from you and reuben. x
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Ruben is gorgeous and what anamazing story.


Rubens is so cute and it will be interesting to see how he grows compared to a cockerpoo. Izzy is an American cockerpoo and her face was very similar to Ruben's as a puppy with the shorter muzzle. She is small at 6.5 kilos, similar to her King Charles friend Bengi.
Oh my goodness ruben is the cutest little pup ever,what a sweetheart!! Thats so sad about rubens mum and all the other poor dogs in puppy farms,its horrific and should be stopped,so awful!! There are a couple more cavapoos on this forum xxx
What a lovely introduction...welcome to the forum...it's great there are good people like you who help in shelters ...
Your pup is gorgeous.. I can see why you are so h=in love with him.
Ruben is a cutie pie its such a shame the parents of such gorgeous pups are exploited and kept in awful conditions.
Hi and welcome to the forum, I am sure you will be made very very welcome. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Your poo is gorgeous :)
He is utterly adorable! As an owner of Cavaliers for 20 years I would so love a Cavapoo as well but don't think I could cope with two poos!! Welcome. It will be interesting to see what similarities and differences there are between the two kinds of poos as they grow older.
Hi & welcome! We don't mind you joining our forum at all, all the more cute puppy pics to coo over ;) & he really is gorgeous! It's great that you adopted him & such a sad story :( I hope the mums found loving homes to go to as well after such a hard life :(

Please keep us updated with little Ruben! & enjoy the forum :) x
Hello - Ruben is absolutely gorgeous and how could anyone refuse such a gorgeous pup being on this forum :)
Oh my Ruben is such a cutie. It makes me want to cry when i hear these horror stories but it is so fantastic that people like you are there to help - hats off!

Welcome to the forum! :) - Whereabouts are you from?
What a lovely pup and how lucky to have found you and for you to have the pup of your dreams from rescue.

Hope the mothers found fab new homes and I dream of the day only responsible breeders who care for their dogs for life are breeding!
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What a lovely pup and how lucky to have found you and for you to have the pup of your dreams from rescue.

Hope the mothers found fab new homes and I dream of the day only responsible breeders who care for their dogs for life are breeding!
I totally agree,i am a hobby breeder but my girls are with me for life,i bond with them as pups and couldnt imagine parting with them.they are very much family members,sleep on my bed( i know they shouldnt lol) and walk in the fields every day,any breeder that cant provide a loving home for their girls shoulnt breed,every dog deserves a loving family home xxx
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Welcome Leonie and Ruben .. great to have you both on here

Horrible puppy farms .... Ruben's poor mother :(
He is adorable! He is so like the cute little Cavapoo in our puppy training class called Baxter. He's the same colour and my youngest son, who comes with me, can't take his eyes of him! Neither can I!
Thank you for the warm welcome.

The Mum's were rehomed by an amazing lady, who has since become a very good friend. The Mum's live a life that they should have been living all along. Dogs that are rescued from puppy factories need very special care, they come with many pyscological issues. You have to remember that they have not been socialised with people or other dogs so they take someone very dedicated to take them on. I am happy to say that they are both now doing great and have a wonderful life.

Ruben has been such an amazing addition to our family. He has been such a good boy with no chewing furniture or destroying anything around the house although he has taken a liking to my sons dirty laundry and will often be seen darting through the house with it in his mouth!

Ruben has completed puppy school and we are ready to head to obedience classes next. He is great around other dogs and people and he travels everywhere with me so he has had loads of exposure to new things. He gets to sleep on my bed with me each night so I never had any trouble with him crying at night. He cuddles into me in bed which I love.

Ruben has become my little mascot for puppy factories now. A puppy farmer has been given permission to open a factory which will house 50 dogs and up to 50 puppies in the adjoining town. My best friend and I have organised 4 rallies/protests now hoping to stop this factory opening up. Each rally draws a larger crowd with our last one having over 100 people attend. Sadly, there is not much we can do now other than make life very uncomfortable for them. I can't believe that in the year 2012 we allow these places to operate and continue to open .:confused:
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That is disgusting! I can't believe they've been given permission! But well done for trying to do something about it at least, I just can't believe they just allow them to open!
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