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Hi all,

I’ve had my cockapoo for 5 weeks now and she is 21 weeks old. When we picked her up, the breeder mentioned she started on Royal Canin but they had moved her over to Purina. However, she was hardly eating and we decided when we picked her up to try and get her back on Royal Canin. We had no luck, tried wetting it and still no movement. We did have some success with a free bag of Wainwrights, she golfed it down.

Kept her on that for a little while but we would have to hand feed her and she generally started not to eat it. Worries then began when we noticed her stools being runny and bits of blood in it along with mucus. Took no notice of it until it was really bad one morning, she was scooting. Wormed her, but it was still bad for the next couple of days.

Vet did a check on her and gave her an injection, along with some Purina Gastrointestinal wet food and pro biotic paste. She loved the wet food and started to notice her stools getting better, we then weaned her over to AVA Pets at Home wet food. She was really good on this food but it was really expensive so we needed a cheaper alternative and noticed Butchers wet puppy food was on a good offer. Gradually weaned her over to that and she’s been on it now for 2/3 weeks. Every so often, in the morning, we get the blood in stool and soft stools.

I know we messed around with her food a bit but it seems odd that now she’s used to this food it’s still happening. I’ve seen Hills science plan recommended on here and was wondering if that would be good for her? For the next few days though it’s gonna have to be chicken and rice. The vet also recommended we use a three day treatment of Panacur to see if there’s any dodgey parasites she might be carrying. Please could I get some advice?
Many Thanks.
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