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Seeking ethically bred Cockerpoo puppies in Kent

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Hi all

I am looking to purchase a ethically bred cockerpoo puppy in the East Kent area. Does anybody have advice about where I should go?

Plus loving the site

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Hi Lauren,

Word of mouth recommendation is a great way to find a breeder - though we would openly suggest you look to visit and view at least 2 yourself. We would also suggest that you treat every initial visit as a "Fact Finding Tour" and don't take your cheque book.

The Cockapoo Club of GB have a great section on "Buying a Cockapoo" http://www.cockapooclubgb.co.uk/buying-a-cockapoo1.html and they also have a printable "Checklist" to take with you with some key info to ask.

Happy Hunting.

Stephen x
Cockapoo Breed Adviser to Dog's Today Magazine.
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Hi and welcome Lauren, tell us a bit about yourself. What made you decide on a Cockapoo?

Hello and :welcome: to you Lauren. Have a look at Breeders Online as they list breeders by area. Please do your research first before selecting a breeder. There's loads of good info on health testing and types of breeders on here (use the search facility) and also on the two club websites. Good luck
Hi Lauren and welcome to the forum :)

As Clare says breedersonline have a list of puppies/breeders but please do look at it with your 'standards' of what makes a good breeder in mind. If you are unsure about health tests or what to look for on a breeder the please have a look at the Cockapoo Owners club pages to help you find a breeder. http://www.cockapoo-owners-club.org.uk/cockapoo_finding_a_breeder.html

Good luck with your search! :D
Hi Lauren,

Welcome to the forum!

I visited a breeder in Kent - Ian and Claire Smith. They 'do' English working cockers x Miniature Poodles and their Poodle is PRA tested clear. We thought they were fab - the only reason we didn't go for them is that they didn't have a litter ready in our desired time-frame.

Turi x
Thank you all for you comments. They are all very much appreciated.

Lauren x
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