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My dog Wowie is now 11 years old and he's starting to experience what seems to be seizures 1 every 2 weeks. He had one yesterday and one of his eyes was not focusing on me and the outer rim of his eye was turning light blue. It scared me a lot because I've never seen him like that. Prior to that, he was aggressive when I had visitors at my house, he was never like this before and I was wondering what was going on with him.

In his younger years, my parents took care of him and they always gave him table scraps and left over human food! Horrible, I know! But now, he has been consistently eating dog food for 2 years now. When he was younger he was always territorial and fought with his twin brother, Kobe. Very feisty with other dogs but sweet with humans.

My concern is how these seizures are coming about. I know he's an older dog but this is the first time this has happened =/ A little scary. Any advice? suggestions? I would appreciate it, thank you for listening.

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