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Separation and crates

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Hi All
We have a 5 month old Cockapoo boy, he sleeps in crate over night but barks and whines from 4:30/5 every morning..I go down to let him out but then he won’t go back in crate so we are up from then…it’s creating problems when one of us goes to work early and the others are still sleeping..

any help and guidance welcome on how to train him to be left and not stress out and bark..
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Our nearly 6 month old does the same, well he did around 5 months. He goes into his crate at 10pm, we dim the lights and then he went through till about 4.30am, myself or partner would come down, let him out for a wee on a lead so he knew it wasnt play time, then straight back to bed, unfortunately we had to wait sitting on the sofa till he finally gave that sigh of "ok im settling now". we would then go back to bed, but on a working day, this was pointless as we get up at 5.45 anyway.

I would suggest you do what you would with a toddler, take him out, no communication, no fun signs, just do what he needs to do then give reassuring effort back into his crate and hang about for 5 mins quietly out of sight. This may take some time for him to realize its ok but it worked for us and we didn't know where to start

Good Luck....

oh and we are at the beginning of the teen stage... i might need the luck also!
This is a mirror image of our mornings, I’m out to the gym at 5:45 and he barks the place down..let him out and he just sits next to you, doesn’t need anything just company!

good luck can’t wait for that stage!!
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