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Shes got a name !!

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At last put names in a hat ..literally.. and ..... drum roll...pulled out Pearl. So Iwould like to introduce you to Pearl whose coming home on Sunday (help!!). She's six weeks old in the picture :)


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Thank you both she is looking abit Blue roan dont you think onher front legs .. I know the pictures a bit hard to see. Has Echo got any markings like that x
Oh yes please that would be great ... Im not bothered how she turns out its just interesting x
Thanks ...might need it :D
Thanks ... still not everyones happy with it we could nt all agree , but the poor thing was going to be nameless which does nt seem right. Im sure she ll grow into it and well all get used to it x
Oh Kendal I ve seen him before it s Alfie ..... dont know them personally but fell in love with him when stalking cockapoo sites. They ve got anither now have nt they although cant remember wether its a boy or a girl .... recognised your girls as well had seen pictures of them before. Im a bit sad but thanks anyway have had many an Alfie fix :D
I know not sure if its sad or healthy lol ... it sounded a bit strange me admitting it !! I have nt seen that last picture when he s all grown up although had seen one somewhere with his sister. x x
Thanks Dave although my daughters moaning .... obviously does nt quite get the democracy of pulling the name out of a hat !!! So she comes home tomorrow and could be called some thing else !!!!!
She came home today ... she looks just like the first picture of Alfie.. since coming home she s become Mabel . x
oh new born babies !!!!!!!!! Wilf was fine with her playing and tail wagging she was more interested in him than us. So when they went to bed she cried for a couple of minutes but then Wilf wittered and moaned for a couple of hours while she slept then he started again at 4.30 and she slept til nearly 7 . not as good last night Wilf cried initially but then settled but she woke up at 3.30 then up from 5.30. so my eyes are buzzing ... like any new mum !!!!!
She s had better nights since slept through twice but woke up at 6 this morning .. needed the loo but thats great. Seems more settled than wilf was but is more persistent than he was she s really wick and into everything and is really hungry. He seemed quicker to learn commands .. he knew his name after a couple pf days she just does nt respond but maybe I spent more time on it though cos I dont want Wilf to feel pushed out .... maybe she would have preferred Pearl lol x
1 - 11 of 27 Posts
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