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Should we wait?

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Hi. Having a bit of a dilemma. We could be getting a puppy at the end of November (all checked out and seems to be just what we are looking for). However we have planned to go away for about 5 days over christmas. My sister who lives around the corner has offered to look after her but I'm feeling a little unsure and worried that it really isn't fair on the new puppy. Do you think we should wait?
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I wouldn't say 5 days is such a long time, the pup will have been with you about a month then? & will be around 3 months old if it's leaving at 8 weeks, i'm not really sure, it's not like the pup will be going to the kennels, so it will still have company the whole time and be treat very nicely, I think it's up to you tbh, if you think you have found the right pup then you may not want to wait incase you don't find one that suits you as much in the near future?
Good luck!
Hi Montyp

My partner Marcus and I don't have a Cockapoo yet but we are trying (fingers crossed) to coincide getting the puppy until after a holiday we're committed to. We felt that we wouldn't want to leave a puppy when it's really little.

That said, we've no experience so don't take what we think as gospel.

Turi x
I must admit I would wait until after your break. Although Daisy is a bit of a different case due to anxiety issues I wouldn't want to leave her for 5 nights and I have had her nearly three months. Others with younger puppies might say different though! :)
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Montyp, forgot to ask... when are you going away in December. There must be some litters ready soon after you return... what were you looking for? Show/Working/American? Miniature/toy cross

Turi x
Hi. We're looking for an english show cocker cross with a toy poodle. My gut feeling is to wait. I have also found a breeder with a litter ready in early Feb.
i think somone on the forum did this last year. and it worked out ok. is your sister ok with dogs or more to the point a new pupppy that might have a couple of acidents in her house ?
or if your sister would stay at your house.
Hi - we had to attend a wedding (only away 1night) two weeks after bringing Billy home - he had a whale of a time at our neighbours and it was fine.
However, although your puppy will probably be fine with your sister, you may not enjoy it as you will feel guilty and miss your new baby!
Good luck with your decision x
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My sister has a 4 year old dog and will have a new puppy of her own (4 weeks older) and 2 toddlers!! We see each other very often so our new pup would be very used to them.
You're right!! I'm sure I'd be counting the minutes until we got back!!
you may not enjoy it as you will feel guilty and miss your new baby!
:iagree: Once you get your pup and fall in love you will find it hard to leave your baby for 5 days so early on.
Hmmm, that's a tough one. It sounds like the puppy would be well cared for by a familiar person whilst you were away. I think it comes down to whether YOU would enjoy yourself!

Turi x
This past summer we were away for five nights about six weeks after we brought Emily home. She was VERY happy to see us upon our return but she really did fine. We did have someone come to stay here, but being that your puppy will be so familiar with your sister and her family , I think she would be OK. It also could be a good socialization experience for her to be with other dogs, especially an older one who can teach her appropriate doggy manners (or so I've read!).
Sounds then like your pup would be having a nice holiday too!
I have a business trip next week in Europe which was all organised and paid for before we got Vincent, and my boyfriend is coming with me as a bit of a holiday for him too.

We talked to the breeder about it and she is going to look after him while we're away. But I completely agree with some of the comments....I think I'll miss him so much more than he me! ; ;
personally i would wait till the holiday/xmas is over and concentrate 100% on puppy otherwise you will be worrying janice x
hi montyp i would get your puppy and have your trip, it sounds like your sister would be a perfect dog sitter. you'll need a brake by then and come back all refreshed and ready for round 2 of training ;)
:iagree: Once you get your pup and fall in love you will find it hard to leave your baby for 5 days so early on.
That's what I was about to say! I don't think i left Betty overnight with my parents for a few months as i hated leaving her even though she never gives me a backwards glance when i leave her there!!!
Thanks everyone for all your advice. Still not too sure what to do!!! Will obviously need to make my mind up soon ... so will let you know in due course what we decide to do. It's sooooooo exciting though!! I've become cockerpoo obsessed!!! I am even dreaming about cockerpoo's!!! Getting some puppy books delivered today to swot up!
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