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Hi there,

There is a common mis-conception that "Show" are more of a couch potato and the "Working" are wired - as there are as many "manic" Show strain about as there are "stable" Workers - if you looked up some of the "Show versus Working" threads on this site you'll find that there is very little in it. I think that you have to visit the breeders and actually meet the pup's parents as that is usually the best way to give you a gauge (though this is not always a given either).
If the breeder has previously had litters from the parents you are going to look at - then ask on here if anyone has on older dog to compare with.

Below is one of the previous threads:


If you are in no rush and really want to find the right dog as opposed to just a dog - then I'd also suggest going on one or two of the meets / walks organised by members here and via the Cockapoo Club (CCGB) it's a great way to meet a cross-section of older dogs and hear the pros and cons first hand and a great way to get breeder recommendations.

Good luck with your search.

Stephen x

Breed Adviser for "Cockapoo" for Dog's Today Magazine.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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