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singing cockerpoo

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now, please do not think I've lost my mind, but Tegan my 4 month old has a singing voice. whilst in the bath and i was singing to her (as you do) in a high voice (out of tune) and she joined in. Would be very interested if anyone else has experienced this ..... or shall I put her on Britains got talent!! hahaha
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lol! Polly sings when the phone rings and I don't answer it straight away! It's hilarious! But she's never does it any other time. Would be interesting to be able to hear Tegan! :)
Poppy sings when I play the piano or when certain songs are on the Radio. Quite cute she really gets into it, shoulders thrown back head in the air

Simon and Poppy
Yes get her on the TV ... a talented cockapoo ...

At least you have a singing voice .. I sound terrible .. my hubby can confirm .. no tone at all !!!
I'm a choirmistress so perhaps I should start a cockapoo choir! ;)
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I want my Millie to sing :( If I 'sing' she just cocks her head at me, desperately trying to understand :D No chance, I'm rubbish, flat :eek:
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