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Sizes at 18 weeks?

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Hello, a question for all you lucky owners so far....what is / was the height from head to foot, and length from nose to base of tail of your pups at 18 weeks roughly.
The reason is we will be flying ours back home at around that age and need to get the right size crate ordered. Just an an idea for me ...Many thanks in advance!
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Hi Sam

What mix is your cockapoo as I think this will very much depend on your dog's mix and size of parents in the mix. Usually you would measure the height from the floor to the withers (shoulder blades) and the length from breastbone to base of tail, so that is probably the measurements most people would have taken. We have an american toy mix, so smaller than the average cockapoo and he was about 11" tall to his shoulder at that age but is longer in the body and was around 16-17" then but there are so many variations on this.
Yes true, I guess because of the mix anyway one can't be too certain what the dimensions will be! I think a guesstimate will have to do. Thanks for responding. :)
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