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Our cockapoo started having the same problems with her paws and licking/itching and had breakouts on her tummy that were bacterial infections caused by the skin problems--allergies and yeast. Our doggy dermatologist tested her feet/toes for yeast, which came back postivie. He prescribed a Miconazole shampoo which has now been changed to Keta-Chlor. We bathe her in it once a week and it has really, really helped. Also, keeping the fur between her toes clipped short has helped, as well.

For a while our dog took Atopica, which is pretty expensive, and has side effects, but it really seemed to calm down the problem, and she is off of it now. She takes Children's Benadryl (amount prescribed by her doctor) sometimes now, which helps. But I have found the Keta-Chlor and fur trimming to be the most helpful.
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