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Hi there,

My name is Dee and I have a 15 week old Cockapoo called Holly. She is buff and apricot coloured, just gorgeous. We live in Limerick, Ireland. She is very well behaved and doing great with the toilet training. Only going on the mat or outside. In the last two weeks we have broken all the rules and are now letting her sleep on our bed. She is very well behaved, sleeps all night and has never had an accident but I have read that this can lead to behavioural problems. She is happy to sleep on her bed in the kitchen but we just feel that as we are gone from 8.30 in the morning til 5 in the evening, with just a
20 min visit at lunchtime, it would be a long time to be on her own. Any advice?
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hey welcome, its lovely to have them in bed with you, i do it sometimes but i feel they need to have their own space and they need to lern its ok to be apart from you.

or girls sleep in a crate in the porch thwy are quite happy thier during the night.
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