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Slightly belated intro to Pollyanna (or Polly for short)

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I've only been on the forum for a short time but realised after seeing a posting complaining that folk weren't introducing themselves that I was one of the miscreants! My apologies!

I am Ann from Devon, in a little village just north of Plymouth, and on August Bank Holiday Monday became the proud owner of Polly, who will be 7 months old on the 19th January. Time flies! She is white with a few very faint apricot markings on her face and back. Her mother was an orange roan cocker and dad an apricot min poodle and I got her from a hobby breeder in Taunton - I have found one of her brothers on the forum, which is wonderful.

She has a strong liking for mud so as we live in a village on the banks of the River Tavy and also have a pond in the garden this is not good news! A long white coat and mud... Ugh!

One of her favourite occupations is chasing leaves on a windy day! My son likened taking her for a walk in such conditions as flying a kite!

She is delightful and for some reason takes notice most of the time of what I tell her to do, but completely ignores by husband's commands... and my son's! Gather from a friend this is not uncommon! I have had dogs for most of my life since 1961 but have had a gap of 9 years so having a puppy again came as an interesting shock! A torn calf muscle in November didn't help! Not due to her, I hasten to add! Playing table tennis. But am back to walking her again and trying to undo the bad habits she's got into with husband and son! Oh dear!

I think I will have to take her to have a, hopefully, not too drastic hair cut soon. Might alleviate the mud problems as well!

Think that's enough for now! I've already posted some comments to other threads and some photos. One is below.
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Ah yes I remember seeing your beautiful puppy, I think you were asking opinions on what colour she is? She is the whitest I have ever seen, very pretty!!!!
The link to one of the photos doesn't seem to have worked I'm afraid. But there are some quite recent ones in the gallery.

Wasn't me asking about colour, by the way. But I guess you'd call her off-white after all her exploits! Looks wonderfully white after a bath though! Think she's called a parti colour in view of her small patches of other colours?
Hi Ann!

Polly is gorgeous and sounds full of fun! You must really struggle to keep her clean :rolleyes: :)

I look forward to hearing more stories about Polly's adventures in the mud! :cool:
Forgive me if I hope there aren't TOO many such stories! :)
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:) Don't worry I will! Daisy is black so doesn't show the mud too much but she loves to roll in fox poo and she stinks afterwards so has to be bathed! Sadly this is a regular occurence so I do sympathise! :)
Hi & welcome! Thanks for the intro :) It's nice to hear a bit about you.

I've posted on a thread with you before & already said how gorgeous Polly was :) Really beautiful! & you found her brother Archie which is great :)

Hope you're enjoying the forum! x
Oh lovely!! ;) Guess a black poo would have been more sensible, but I fell for Polly's photo and then for her in person... is person the right word?! Ah, real life would have been better! I wanted something with a love for life and I've certainly got that! Much more lively than the Cavaliers I used to have!
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Hi and welcome Ann

Polly is gorgeous, looking forward to hearing more about her and her exploits.
Thanks for your welcomes. I have been enjoying the forum, which I have only really got into over the past week or so although I joined in October, but got a bit concerned today when I saw some quite aggressive postings and disagreements. Hope there aren't many more of them! Has been so nice up to now.
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Puzzled. Why isn't this thread showing up in the New Posts list? There are technicalities about this forum that are very puzzling!
It doesn't show up under 'new posts' unless there is another reply to read that you haven't looked at yet. Once you view a thread it will disappear from the 'new posts' thread page until someone else comments on it, when you read it it will disappear again..
Does that make sense?
Hi Anne and Polly ...

Enjoy joining in the fun on here, its a fun forum with many cockapoo crazy members .. lovely intro ... xxx
But I thought it should still be under New Posts, but slightly lower down under the section that hasn't changed since you last looked... But it has now appeared! I have a lot to learn! And I thought I was good at technology. :eek:
Erm the since you last looked part is like when you last signed in, then the newer posts since then are what has been updated since you last looked. But if you have viewed the thread then the post won't be under new posts until it is updated again for you to read.
If i'm not making sense then i'm sorry! It's not easy to describe things over the computer haha :)
Um, have you heard of Stanley Unwin? Tee hee! But thanks for trying to explain Laura! :D Polly lying asleep beside me on her fleece while I'm on the computer. So sweet! She was quite good yesterday - apart from the return visit to our pond! I'm not sure the newts will still be there. Think they will have packed their bags and gone by now in disgust!
From what I can gather...if a new post has been added to your thread then it will appear in new posts until you have read it. However, at certain times the forum seems to clear out new posts and then they drop down into the section below new posts which is 'these threads have been unread since your last visit' (or something along those lines). I still sometimes find ones that I have missed though and I also find that the occasionally a thread that has been added to doesn't appear in either bit. I am sure there is a technical explanation but from a users perspective that is how it appears to me! :D
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Welcome :)

Archie sends brotherly licks to Polly too :D
Polly says thanks to Archie!
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