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So Excited

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I have finally worn my husband done and we are getting another puppy tomorrow from Jandaz he looks wonderful - will try to add photos. I feel like a child on Christmas Eve as I know how special they are.

Max is our other cockapoo and is 15 months old , he is very socialable with other dogs and is happy when we have other dogs in our house. Just wondered if anyone had any tips:confused:
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Oh!!! Congratulations!!!
I don't have any tips as I am a one dog house at the moment.
But I can't wait to see pictures!
Yippy great news .. lety us all about yoru new puppy :)

I have 2 and a new puppy coming soon, they mix well, you will love having two :)
I know I can't wait 3pm tomorrow less than 24 hrs and counting :)
:jumping: :jumping: :jumping: :whoo: :whoo: :whoo: :congrats: :congrats: :congrats:
Oh how exciting... what colour, type is he and what are you calling him ?
He is black with a white neck an american cockapoo he is a little older at 14 weeks as he had been let down a couple of times this is what swung it for me and gave my husband the final push that and the begging (just kidding). We are going to call him Edward - Eddy he looks like a little pickle but then so did Max
Oh Can't wait to see pictures!!!
Will try tonight although computer at home does not always let me log onto the site as I can never remember my password :rolleyes:
Lady was a bit older when I got her too! So don't let that worry you at all.
Can't wait to see pictures!! yay I love pups!
Thanks Sarah I am so excited to meet him definetely will try and post pics of him hopefully with Max this weekend
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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