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Soft crate for car first times

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Noctied that some one mentioned using a soft crate for car joiurneys initially. Sounds like a good idea - we plan to use the boot of our estate car in the future with a grill separating the boot and car but to start with feel this would be too much for the little mite :)

Any recommendations as to a soft crate? Seen a few but would prefer recommendations to make sure its really safe.

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This was what I used for Lolly. I started with her in the front and then slowly moved her to the back seat and then the boot as her confidence grew. I used to put the seat belt through the handle at the top and plug the seat belt in to keep her and us safe. This is where I got it
But I'm lucky that I am near enough to visit this pet store. I can't remember what size I got. I think it was the medium one going by the price.
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That is perfect ! Thanks for that, exactly what I was looking for.
Just a thought ... would this work for the caravan too as a crate when we are away for the weekend? Maybe have to go with a slightly larger one than otherwise but might make a nice "bed" fir her in the van?
Depends if you intend to leave your puppy alone in the car for a period of time. Most soft crate manufacturers say not suitable for puppies for the simple reason they can chew their way out! I have a crate of the style shown which was fine with my terriers but would not consider it for Hattie as she may be able to escape she will use it once I know she will not cause damage I have a 24" metal crade securely attached so it will not move and feel very comfortable leaving her knowing she is safe and my car will not be damaged.
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I used the same crate as Janet. Lightweight and easy to move from car to house. When I left it in the house, Millie would go into it and use it as a temporary sleeping area. I think you could use it in the caravan too.

As regards eating their way out of it. Millie did chew on the door area, there's velcro on it, so the door can stay open. She chewed the velcro and did eventually make a hole. Not big enough to get out of and not chewed in one sitting.
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