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Soon to be cockapoo owner

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Hi, this is my first post on this fab site. I have been reading some amazing info here for the past couple of weeks which has really helped make our choice of a cockapoo puppy so much clearer. My name is Tracy, my husband is Mark & we have a 6 year old son Toby. We are getting our 1st puppy on 17th Feb and are all soooo excited!!!!! I am sure there will be lots of questions and help needed and I hope that all you cockapoo lovers on this site will be able to help me. I would also like to say what a lovely group of people you seem to be.
Many thanks
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Hi Tracy and welcome.

How exciting to be getting a pup! Have you got a name for it yet? What cross is it?

Looking forward to seeing pics too :)
Hi & welcome!
Glad we've helped to make your decision final :D & I love how you wrote 'our 1st puppy' as if there will possibly be another in the future ;)

What *** and cross are you getting?
Picked a name or still in the process? If so what are your ideas?
Welcome :) xx
Welcome and roll on the 17th...............I'm sure you will get lots of help if you need it :)
So exciting!! We are also getting our first puppy on the 10th February. We can't wait :-D
Great stuff EllaJ. Have you got a name for it and any pics? What kind of cross is it. Roll on the 10th for you. Oh and welcome to the site.
Good luck with your pups its an exciting time xx
Bet you cannot wait for 17th, I know when I went to see Hattie at 3 weeks I had to have another visit before I bought her home. The days fly by once puppy is home but seem to take for ever when you are waiting. Plenty of time to go shopping!
Hi, we are getting an american/mini cross and so far we do not have a name for him yet. We do have a few names on the short list.
Good luck Ellaj for the 10th. Look forward to seeing pics of your pup.
Hi Tracy!
We are collecting our baby ( i mean puppy!) on the 16 th as well and he is an american mini. Luckily i've loads of work on to keep me busy otherwise the wait would drive me crackers!!!! Please post piccies when you have some x
Thanks everyone :-D our little girl is an American / min
Not sure about names..... Finding girls names harder than boys!! Promising names are coco & buttons.
Any other suggestions??
Ella - do i take it your little girl is chocolate? Theres a thread here with popular names if it helps to choose.
Sue x
Oh lots of new puppy owners .. yippy .. we love puppys on here :)

Cant wait for pics xxx
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No sue, she is jet black. My 6 year old daughter loves the name coco!! Deceiving I know :)
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