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Could he have chewed it while boarding?

I'd not let him bug it, leash him to you if you have to, but stop him fully. You could also put bitter apple on it, some dogs loath it. When sleeping or leaving him, I'd put one of the collars on to stop chewing.

I know some vets bandage a hurt tail, I'd call around and look for advise on it.

It could be quite bad if he keeps angering it. The more he bugs it the more it'll hurt, and then he'll bug it more because it does, and it'll just go round and round lol. Some dogs can be so persistent they'll start it bleeding. And the worst it gets the longer it'll take to heal, and tail injures in general can be hell. Hope he leaves it alone, try uping his walks and play times to keep him occupied.

Good luck.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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