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South (Southampton Portsmouth area)

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Dear all of you further south than meet this weekend at Wendover woods as too far for me?

Anyone want to meet up Sunday 8th July at Canada Common in the New forest 2 pm? :)
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Would love to but Bo will of only just had her 2nd shot as she will only be 12 weeks... but in the future i'm game!
No takers for this weekend then? Fun Dog show at Colden Common Park, Boyes Lane, Colden Common near Eastleigh, Winchester on the 15th July
hi smiley

i have only just seen this thread
sorry sent too soon!!

i live in portsmouth-whereabouts are you?

Hi Looby
I'm in Winchester! Walk off tomorrow as weather just too bad and the common will be too wet! Will try and arrange another walk when weather better - if ever! Rigby looks very cute. Been unable to get photo of my boy up on site?
Hi Ooo I've just learnt how to do the photo thing horray!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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