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Hi Everyone
Well this is coming round fast now - The St Albans Poo Meet. Everyone is welcome to come along, the more the merrier.

Because some people have to be off doing things in the afternoon, it would be best to meet at 9.30 in Verulam Park. Post Code AL1 2DL

Aim for Westminster Lodge Car Park, at the bottom of Holywell Hill. This gives 3hrs free parking.

Janet (Flounder1) will PM everyone we know of so far to give her mobile no and being the computer techy one, she'll make up name labels too, so we know who is who :D

So far I think the following are ok to join in.

Flounder1 - Janet - Lolly
MillieDog - Julie - Millie
Embee - Mandy - Flo
Jedicrazy- Clare - Obi
Maxwell - Niki - Maxwell
Wellerfeller - Karen - Weller
Mez UK - Mary - Harley
Carwin - Ed & Carol
Sharplesfamily - Harri - Luna
Cockapoodle - Karen - Rufus & Basil

If anyone else is interested in coming, we have excellent road links to the M25, M1 & A1.

Verulam Park has 3 large fields, a lake full of swans geese & ducks, a kiddies play area, a stream to get wet in and importantly a cafe for take out coffee etc. Something for everyone :D :) :D :)

Julie & Millie x

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Just trying to bring this thread back to the front page.

Janet has PM'd everyone who said they wanted to come on Sunday.
Anyone else fancy a Poo meet up :D :) Its not far away from you !!

I've checked the weather, it should be ok. Possibly a bit rainy at 7am, but clearing to a nice morning. :D

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Excellent idea Julie, Weller is a known face in the old fox pub in Bricket wood;), where is the dog show exactly? x

I think all the info can be found in the above link. I just saw a poster on the gate post when I was walking Lolly at Greenwood Park this morning. Show starts at 12pm with registration from 11.30am.
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