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Me again. Youll be sick of me soon enough.

I've been quite good at taking the little pup outside when he wakes from sleep.
I don't think he realises yet why were outside but when he goes to the toilet I will reward him with attention and small piece of cooked chicken.

I'll not get into him frantically trying to get it from my hand.

After spending so much time fretting about potty training this aspect of training seems to be going well. In the past two days he's accidentally peed on the floor twice and I managed to get him outside just as he assumed the squatting position on my fireplace hearth.

But after all the advice I got from everyone about letting him eat then taking him straight outside I can honestly say there's no chance.
When he has his food he often has a moment where he realises he's had enough potter's off and plonks himself on his daytime bed for a good two to three hours of snoring and back sleeping with his paws in the air.
When he wakes I take him outside and he often goes to the toilet and then the puppy zoomies kick in and he spends the next two hours racing around attacking his toys.

He often sleeps through the night too, he woke at 5am whining when my husband got up to go to the toilet so we let him out took him outside to pee (not sure if he did or not as my husband- as much as I love him- is pretty much a useless zombie in the morning) but he brought him back in put him in his crate let him settle and we got another hour and a half in bed.

He is due is second vaccine on the 7th December and I am thoroughly looking forward to taking him out on the leash to explore. Today I walked him in my arms down the street and his curious brown eyes lit up, it was honestly wonderful to see. I know he's going to be difficult to walk nicely in on a leash so I am also looking forward to the next few weeks with him.

I am still not ok with the zoomies and rough play but my rough and tumble husband came home last night and played with him for a bit and it honestly took such a weight off my shoulders.

I realise I rambled, my apologies, just wanted to let people know who were struggling with potty training that sometimes going with what the dog wants may be for the best. Unless I just got lucky with Stanley's strange magic of holding his bladder for literally hours without complaint.
Pictures of his sleeping positions over the last hour. 馃ぃ馃ぃ

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Also I should ask,
My neighbours dogs bark infrequently but when they do it can go on for awhile.
During these periods I've taken to playing relaxing music for Stanley so he doesn't begin to bark back.
Have I started something I haven't, is the calming music addictive? That I might not be able to stop once started.

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Teach him to walk on leash inside at first. I walked Monty around the house and garden twice a day for over a week before I could take him out for walks. Lure him with a treat next to you and reward while standing. When he does that well, take steps. It鈥檚 a little easier when you previously have taught him look at me, so start with holding a treat right by your eyes and when he looks say look at me and reward.
Monty is great on leash so far, so I do believe this helped.
Amazing, I will take this on board and work on it with him.
Thank you.
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