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Stanley is just over a year old now and a little chunk. He's definitely one of the bigger cockapoos you see around.

Anyway, training was and is going well. He is still very distracted when out on walks though so unfortunately he can't be let off leash, he's just too nosy and excitable.

My problem he seems to have regressed slightly, we had just got to a stage where we could walk past other dogs on leash and be absolutely fine, perhaps whimper a little bit he would walk by with a treat to distract.

Now he seems to have gone back the other way again, he sees a dog, he lies down, whimpers and pulls to get to them to the point in literally having to go back to crossing the road or turning around to avoid.

I train every single walk, I can't afford.to.go and see a trainer or take.him to puppy classes so I do it all myself. I've learnt a lot from YouTube.

Is this a phase or do I need some.intervention?
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