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Hello Stanley's mum: )

My little doglett was banned from puppy classes (in the nicest way) for being over playful and not paying attention! I tried working with You tube training videos and just couldn't get the hang of it.... mainly because they show dogs that seem to get it straight away, while my bundle of fur wasn't having any of it. I did hire a trainer for three sessions and I got more corrections that the dog! Long leash, letting them wander until it reaches full length, small pull to alert them you want their attention, recall back to you, sit command, treat and praise. Esme doesn't always sit perfectly but who cares... she knows recall and she is safe and happy: )

My corrections included: no extending lead, no praise or treat until they come back to you or they think the job has been completed. (I was good girling her when she was half way back thinking it would encourage her but it sends a different message, apparently). Call once and give her time to respond. I was calling her every couple of minutes. Practice. Practice. Practice.
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