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Still very exciteable on leash

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Hello everyone, hope you're enjoying this milder weather and having a great jubilee weekend.
So Stanley is now 9 months old, he's doing great, he's been castrated, he's learned so much like come, fetch, walk, sit, stay etc etc.
Loose leash walks around 80% of the time too which is AMAZING!!
he's honestly the best dog I've ever known.

Regarding training, I'm still struggling to kerb Stanley's excitable nature when it comes to other dogs. If he sees another dog he lunges, not aggressive at all it's just because he wants to play. He sometimes does it with humans too, not all the time just some of the time.
I try walking by with a treat to his nose and let him walk by which doesn't work all the time.
I never let him meet other dogs on his leash.
I cross the road. I sometimes even turn around and go the way but he still wants to play. Pulling on the leash to get to them.

This means he is NEVER off his leash.
His recall is great when there are no distractions but if I was to ever let him off and there was another dog around I'd never get him back.

Is this something I can train out of him or is I his puppy years?? Will the excitement reduce as he gets older??

It's just one thing I can't quite get right which makes some walks with him really enjoyable.

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Sounds like he is doing really well. Does he ever get to say hello and play with other dogs?

When Chance was a pup we worked really hard on her coming back to me when she saw other dogs, but when we got closer if the other dog was friendly I then let her go and say hello and play if appropriate.

I would use a long line if necessary to prevent him making his own choices and rewarding him massively but then allowing him to say hello. I do similar on lead, pulling towards another dog turn and go the other way, but turn back as soon as pup can walk nicely. Again if the other dog is friendly they can say a very quick hello - although on lead always make them very quick.

Hope that all makes sense.
Thank you, it makes total sense to me. I cant afford a trainer so I've been doing it all myself and I often wonder if I'm doing it right

I actually never allow him to meet dogs on his lead, mainly because I read that was a bad thing to do, he greets other dogs when off lead, in a field or at a friend's house or in the garden etc but never when I'm out.

Should I start introducing him to other dogs, do you think that will help??
He's doing great, it's just one aspect of our walks that I just cannot grasp, it feels more like he's going backwards than forwards sometimes. 🙈🙈🙈
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