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Hi all you cockapoo lovers!! I've just registered on here. I have 2 cockapoo's. Alfie is 8 months old and he is chocolate brown, Franki is nearly 4 years old and he's black.
I'm looking at wanting to use Alfie as a stud dog. I've spoken to the Kennel Club but they weren't much help at all!
Does anyone know what tests he needs and also an idea of a realistic and fair age to start him?
All help is much appreciated - thanks! xxx

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Hi hisvk,

You'll need to show what his generation is - F1 / F1b / F2 etc as this can have a bearing on an outcome.

Ideally he will need an OptiGen DNA test for prcd PRA Eye disease - sent to the States.
The results will show if he is - A- "Clear" B- "Carrier" C-"Affected" with the ideal goal that he tests Clear.

As for when to start him - he'll need to be nearly a year old. For both fertility and to be mentally mature enough to cope with the ladies he may encounter up close !

One good tip: Make sure you have as much close contact with him during his early matings (either holding him or the bitch) - AS he will learn to accept your presence if you did need to step-in and help out later at any stage (Some bitches can lay down / spin around / run away and even not stand for him or even bite !)
If you have close contact from the outset - you wont put HIM off if you needed to be involved at any time with a difficult pairing. Also be prepared to hold either dog once tied as both dogs could panic.

Hope that helps.

Stephen x
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