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Dexter is now 9 months old and the perfect gentleman. Thanks to all of you that have been with us through this journey of our first puppy. When we got him at 7 weeks it was hard to imagine he would ever be potty trained and would not bite/nip but he is doing so well! :) So glad we got a cockapoo, we love him soooo much!
I'm glad to hear Dexter is doing well. And I'm also glad to hear the help our wonderful members offered you! :D We all love our cockapoos! :ilmc:
Aww! You give me some motivation. Axle is almost 5 months old now and he still has accidents. Sometimes I get so sad but I know it will just take time.
Keep working with him and don't give up. He'll have less and less accidents as he gets older! As you can see, there are a lot of success stories here; so you can do it too! :D
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