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Such a good doggie

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Dexter is now 9 months old and the perfect gentleman. Thanks to all of you that have been with us through this journey of our first puppy. When we got him at 7 weeks it was hard to imagine he would ever be potty trained and would not bite/nip but he is doing so well! :) So glad we got a cockapoo, we love him soooo much!
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Yes, they do slip up every now and then just when you think they have mastered something. But they are still babies and so adorable. The nipping took a bit longer. You just have to be firm and consistent. Also, now that he is older he understands the word "crate". He might be doing something bad and as soon as we say, "If you don't stop you're going in your crate". He stops immediately.
I understand what you're saying and it is a safe place for him. He goes in there on his own accord all the time. Our trainer, who LOVES animals, said that if we take his toys out it works well as a time out spot. We say No to the bad behavior and if he still doesn't listen that's when we say crate. He usually stops then so we don't have to put him in there. It works for us and Dexter is still an extremely happy and loving doggie, I assure you!:)
its all down to you and your hard work. well done
Were you talking to me here? Cause if you were, thanks! It was hard work but worth it!
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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