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I am new to Cockapoos and just getting used to their breed characteristics.

Puffin 14 weeks old 'talks' a lot, if she sees something she finds strange when we are out she makes a little noise like 'what' and then looks at me as if to say 'is that for real'.
The other day while waking along a wire fence with her she sudden starting barbing furiously then did a play bow, I had no idea what was wrong so walked up to the fence and looking down into the long grass on the other side saw a dead badger. I am amazed Puffins instincts alerted one so young.

On another walk I tripped over in the field and fell face down in the mud the lead slipped from my hand, I had visions of Puffin disappearing into the distance. In a second she was on to me licking my face and tugging my hair .

Puffin sits by the back door when she wants to go out to the loo. This afternoon I was washing out a kitchen cupboard and she rushed up to me barking, I thought she was playing but the barking got more urgent and she ran to the door and then back to me. It turned out she was desperate to go to the loo.

Every day is a revelation when you have a Cockapoo puppy :)
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