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I am so glad you are getting to experience the joy that they bring. We speak to Rufus in full sentences and still explain everything to him. Instead of screaming "sit stay" at a road crossing I'll just say, please wait for me there, I know there are no cars, but if one came and you were on the road alone I would have a heart attack. He listens!
Another oddity that might surprise you is the bonding with multiple people. When Rufus was young I was in a park with him and my partner left to go back to a house across the street. He was mainly bonded with me so I thought he'd obey. But as soon as she got out of sight he galloped for her right across the road, a car squealed to a stop, just missing him. Did I ever learn the lesson that we have to stay together at all times or have him on a lead. He'll do.that with my extended family too, he wants us all to stay together!
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