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ted the ball master!

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Hi Everyone

I don't come on here very often, but thoought you might like my new picture of Ted in the gallery...:):):)
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He's lovely, how old is he? x
he's 14 months....going on 6months:)
He's lovely, I take it that he's still up to alot of mischief then x
oh yes! - I think he invented it - how about Bailey?, he looks very angelic...
He can be a bit mischievous lol
( not sure about the angelic ) x
Ted looks gorgeous! What a lovely shaggy coat. x
Hi Jos,

Lovely to see you on here again. Ted is looking fab - I wonder if Saffi's coat will turn out the same?!
could be....Saffi is growing into a fine young lady, very clever, sometimes tho I think they are too clever...
Ted tries to make out he's an airhead - but I know better...
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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