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Hi All

For the last few days Cara has been one ... That's about the only way to describe it. Desperate to sit on your knee and chew her bone or your fingers, sweetness & light, crying a little and not eating her food as well as normal - she's on orijen. She's also rolling on the carpet rubbing the sides of her face & scratching the back of her left ear.

we've checked & cleaned out her ears and I've had a good look & feel in her mouth. we've got one bottom canine just poking through, 2 new lower teeth on either side and bumpy big lumps at the back on both side but no exposed molars yet.

Puppy class tonight was a bit of a disaster she just didn't want to pay attention particularly lead work. If I had toothache I'd probably be similar

Would the teething be making her behave like this or are we just having a "Kevin & Perry" moment?

Any suggestions?

Kirsty xx
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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