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Shirley and I have been promoting responsible breeding practices and providing advice to potential owners on finding their perfect puppy long before any notion of 'Clubs' had been considered. The Owners Club was set up based on our ethics and has evolved into a friendly, supportive place thanks to the commitment of our fabulous members. We do provide fun things such as competitions and a Club Juniors section however we also have a serious message behind everything that we do. With this in mind we have written a Mission Statement outlining our aims and goals as a club and we would like to share it with you.

The Cockapoo Owners Club
Mission Statement​

The Cockapoo Owners Club UK was founded in 2011 after identifying a need for an increased awareness of ethical breeding practices of Cockapoos and other poodle crosses and a place for potential owners to gain information to assist them in searching for a Cockapoo. Our aim is to provide a club with the needs of Cockapoo and Poodle cross owners at its heart, providing useful information in all areas of dog ownership and the continued promotion of ethical breeding practices and dog welfare.

We are an impartial website and are non- profit making. We actively encourage breeder participation but we do not personally endorse any breeders. We encourage our members to only choose breeders who carry out appropriate health tests on bitches and studs and who prioritise the welfare of their breeding dogs above commercial gain.

Our Aims and Goals

•Provide a positive contribution to raise awareness of responsible breeding and ownership and to work towards securing a future for the dogs to be bred in an "Ethical" and responsible manner.
•Remaining neutral and not recommending breeders, thereby keeping our status of being impartial and non commercial. This includes not advertising litters or stud services.
•Providing information to potential owners on choosing a breeder including health tests, appropriate questions to ask breeders and information on the types of Cockapoo cross.
•Promoting responsible breeding practices for members thinking of breeding their own dog or using their dog as a stud.
•Promoting responsible dog ownership through training advice, health information and care advice.
•Provide our members with access to training advice via our ADPT trainer through our website and Facebook page.
•Provide information on cockapoo care and a directory of websites for products and services that our members may find helpful.
•Supporting rescue organisations in the rehoming of Cockapoos and maintaining a list of members interested in fostering or adopting a Poodle cross.
•Providing a place where any Cockapoo is lost or stolen can be freely advertised on our site and/or Facebook page.
•To continue building working relationships with other dog related organisations and where possible promote Cockapoo welfare.
•To provide an environment where members can share advice, news and arrange meetings. This includes a fully interactive and friendly Facebook group, which is a closed group with membership is at our discretion.
•To provide a family element to club membership by including a Club Juniors area and to have sections where members can share stories, pictures and recipes so that our club is always "inclusive" rather than "exclusive"
•To provide free membership and free advice and information.
•We will regularly update our website and actively encourage members to make suggestions and improvements and we are happy to receive feedback.

We have now added this to our website. :)
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