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The Great South West Meet

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Thought we should get in on the act too!!!

I thought Plymouth would be a good place to meet as close to Cornwall and easily accessible for everyone else (on A38). When is a good date? I thought maybe 31st July prehaps on the Hoe? Everyone who wants to come please have your say and we can make a group decision (via a post a vote system) and the final place and date will be decided that way.

I will ahve Holly by then so cant wait for her to come and meet lots of other Cockapoos:D:D:D;)
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Plymouth is quite a long way for me, but I will come. Haven't looked at the date yet though. I don't know Plymouth at all so I can't comment on whether it is a good place or not. Ideally we need easy car access and somewhere interesting to go for a walk that is safe for the dogs off the lead. How old will Holly be? xx
Hi all
Plymouth is good for me
Just let me know the date and I will inform other cockapoo owners in area
Ahhhhh it will be brilliant loads of cockapoo in one area
Can't wait to meet you all x
I should have my little girlie by then so count me in. Its a long way for me too but it would be fun to meet everyone. Perhaps people from my area could lift share?? (Tedburn St Mary)
If nobody from Cornwall wants to join us we could change the venue to Exeter. does anyone know a good meeting place there as I do not know the city at all:eek:

31st July is still the meeting date. Looking forward to the chaos :D
Do we still want to meet on the 31st July or is that to close to the summer holidays. I would love to meet up and show my little girl off and get some to tips from other owners. Would changing the venue to Exeter make it easier for people to get there?

If anyone knows a good place to meet post it here :):D
Hi Liz, I emailed Ladybird yesterday re this. I wondered if we should find somewhere near to her as she may have difficulty travelling after the horrid injury? Who else replied to you? I just can't remember! Anyway I am up for it and have put the date in my diary xx
Of course, where does Ladybird live? No one replied via personal message just who ever replied here. I am so up for meeting and getting Holly mixing with gardening dogs.....lol
Unfortunately she hasn't replied, hope she is OK. xx
Hi Guys. Sorry for not replying. Life has been a bit weird since this hip accident. Its soooooooo kind of you all to consider me in your plans. I don't have my little girl yet, and have actually put the idea on hold for now, but I would still love to come and meet all of you and your boys and girls. I can drive so I can get to where ever you decide. There are lots of wonderful places on the edge of, or on Dartmoor, or the coast. If you do decide on the Exeter area then let me know what kind of a venue you are looking at...ie a place with cafes or pubs, or just wide open spaces. Jenny x x
Jenny glad you will still come in preparation for the future puppy.I guess somewhere easily accessible from the A38 - I will be coming from Tiverton and others from Plymouth. Running space needed - cafe would be good but I don't think we could take them inside, a pub with a very large garden? xx
I'd prefer it not to be a pub as I have a 5 and 8 year old unless it was one with a park area. Our basic needs a place for the kids to run wild with the dogs and a place for me to buy coffee as I am a caffeine addict :eek:

So excited as less than 3 weeks to go till we pick her up. Crate is up in the lounge so the cats have started getting used to it before we put the contents in there:D:D:D
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Hi guys. How about the Ridge Cafe at Haldon Hill. It gives you Haldon Forest with lots of wide open space and the cafe for the caffiene addicts and toilets for those with small bladders :D
Sounds good, not that I have a clue where it is, but I know where Haldon Hill is! Liz it is weird to read your last thread and now you have Holly. xx
Sounds good, not that I have a clue where it is, but I know where Haldon Hill is!
I am in agreement, sounds good and i have no idea where it is either.

As for having Holly I like to throw in the odd curve ball otherwise life gets too boring. Only problem is I cant mention to hubby how tired I am as he will say you shouldn't have picked her up then!!! Still she is fab and I have a trainer coming to the house on Saturday to get me on the right track as I need Holly to be perfectly trained so hubby can't moan:D
Just look at her how can she not be perfectly behaved :D
5 month old Cockerpoo near Midsomer Norton, Somerset, close to Bath. Anyone in the area? :):)
I live in Cornwall, I am new to this site did anyone meet up?
hi smithy
welcome to the site
where about are you in cornwall?
Come on Marzy ... get the South West organised ... how are you and Boycie :D
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