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Today I went on a lovely walk with my three children and Daisy to Stoke Woods. We met my friend with her two boys and two black labs and set off on our walk. I had stuffed my phone in my pocket as I wanted to try and video Daisy running around to show her off to you all on here! :rolleyes: I reached in my pocket only to discover that it was missing! :eek: I was mildly worried but half expected to find it either in the car or back at home in the hallway but I was disappointed that I couldnt film Daisy. :(

After half an hour we met a Spoodle who apart from being a more definite black was identical to Daisy! It really was a case of 'Which one's mine?' He was really lovely and slightly bonkers! :D After a little chat we carried on and eventually returned to the cars. Being a chatterbox we carried on talking before going our seperate ways and the family with the Spoodle also returned to the car park.

The lady asked us if we had lost a phone as someone had found one and wondered if was theirs as their was a picture of a dog on the screensaver that looked like their dog! "Yes!" I said, " its mine" :D Luckily the lovely people who found it were just up the path and I was able to get it back! They also couldn't believe how similar our dogs were. :)

How amazing! I have had a picture of Daisy on my phone since the breeder sent me some before the holidays! I never thought that the picture would help me get my phone back. :D So lucky to bump into the Spoodle owners again. I also saw an apricot Cockapoo as we left who had the same lovely eyes that some of the JD pups have but as my son was having a bit of a wobbly over a spider in the car I didn't get a chance to chat to them! Strange really that he catches grass hoppers and bugs but a spider freaks him out! :confused: :)
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