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Things Your Poo Does That You Love But Drives You Crazy

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I've never really been around other Poo owners, so I'm not sure if my mutt is the norm when it comes to personality and behavior. So, I thought we could create a list of all the things our Poos do that we love, but drives us crazy. And some things they do that we don't love so much.

Here's a bit of my list:

Follows me everywhere! Being two inches away is too far. I step on her constantly.

Giving me those sad eyes when I leave her home. I may become a recluse if she keeps it up. Breaks my heart. :(

Paws me gently when she wants her belly rubbed. Grandmother got that one going.

Whines to go outside. Even when she doesn't really have to go. It's great when I'm busy, but annoying when I know all she wants to do is sniff around.

Can eat anything without getting an upset stomach. This is great when I drop food but she used to steal my guinea pigs' apples too.

And last for now.... Doesn't have to bounce in every puddle and mud hole (dislikes water), but sometimes I'd like company in the dog pond at the park!

So, how about you?
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Yes most of the above applies to my dog too! He has an extra of cleaning all the things in the dishwasher as I load it, that makes me grumble :)
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hahah Karen, Lady is a dishwasher scrounger too!!
Dexter follows me everywhere as well. My partner's parents came to stay and were surprised that Dexter goes to the bathroom with me! They really are loyal little creatures.
Something that he does that's annoying but I love ,would have to be collecting up socks or using his bed as a humpy partner,or spreading his toys to cover all of the livingroom! We haven't had a tidy house since we got a 'poo! It may start off that way but he just loves to fling his stuff around!
Follows me every where to the point that I have to suffle my feet when I turn around to avoid steping on her
Whines when I leave home and goes crazy when I return dancing on her back legs and pawing at my waist
Loves to have her belly rubbed and reminds me with a gentle head bump when we are on the couch watching TV
Oh,something else..he licks my nose and sticks his tongue up my nostrils. I'm sure he sees it as a bonding thing,it looks pretty gross though!
Oh and he also cries like a baby when he sees my sister! He doesn't do it to anyone else, he has realised she is a soft touch. He cries, she squeals but they both seem happy with that arrangement, I can almost see him wink at me when she picks him up for a cuddle and how lovely it is that he loves her so much! :rolleyes:
Ha ha, so many similarities, pawing for bellyrubs, leaving toys all over the living room, following us everywhere, taps on the door to be let out, pounds on the door to be let back in !
Other things that drive me crazy, I have to clean my bay window several times a day as it's PEppers favourite place to sit and she breathes all over the glass, she pretends she's not watching the kids eat their snacks but as soon as they get up she's up at the coffee table stealing their wrappers, Dives for the tissue if anyone sneezes or tries to blow their nose, jumps at visitors or sits right next to them on the sofa expecting a stroke, sits in front of me staring at me very, very nicely to try and get a biscuit out of me and if I don't get one she gently paws at me then sits back down, and sticks her nose under my arm for a cuddle when I'm trying to type! :D
Think that's all lol :D
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That's another one,when I'm trying to type on the laptop,Dexter sticks his head under my hand and lifts it up to stop me typing and give him a fuss!
Well I have 3 of them following me everywhere ... have to stop them following me into the toilet :) ahh its cockapoo love ...
My fave is the way they **** their head from side to side when you talk to them its like they are saying you WHAT!
The consistant tissue stealing JUST to rip it shreds and leave a complete mess all over the floor. They also go into visitors bags and pockets to steal tissues!!
The fact I now get nothing done as it is impossible to say no to a Cockapoo when they want attention. The rules you start out with when you get them such as not upstairs, then definately not on the bed, never on the setee all broken in the blink of a cockapoo eye
Oh yes, socks.... Never should have taught Scrap that one. Can't put socks on without teeth trying to take them off again. She's also a window smudger and feels that I do not clean my nose/ears/mouth/chin well enough. She (and the cats) also seem to like licking my armpits, even with deodorant. I'll never understand that one.

She may actually be a cat in a dog suit because when I read in bed, she'll do the whole get-between-mom-and-the-book thing. Anyone knows what it's like trying to read with a 17 pound dog (7.7kg?) on a nose that was once broken? Doesn't feel good. Lol
Forgot to say Cali - Scrappi is absolutely gorgeous! x
hahahah Jane! yup looks like it to me!
Yep. Maisie's had her nose caught in the dishwasher door more than once!!! Constantly pinches my washing socks, bras to run round the garden with ( and definitely grins while she runs round with them!!!)
Forgot to say Cali - Scrappi is absolutely gorgeous! x
Thanks! Could be a clone of your pup, at least in the body. I'd have to see a face picture.

Another that Scrappi does: She has to help me drink my Gatorade and soda. Even while I'm trying to drink it.
This has made me laugh so much. Unfortunately for my children who wanted to know what I kept giggling at, but after laughing at first, declared they had been put off their breakfast by too many "licking" details:p:p. My son then felt the need to give Amber lots of cuddles until she sneezed in his ear.:)
Hi Cali - do excuse the massive pics! - Biscuit is different to Scrappi in the face as he is from an English Cocker and is an accidental cockachon x poo, rather than cockapoo. However, I thought Scrappi's coat was very similar! x

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Who me?!!....dishwasher scrounger?!?!?!!!

Love this picture.... Betty is a dishwasher scrounge too..and is teaching Ted all her bad habits!!
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