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this site is addictive !!

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I found this site by accident and am now quite addicted !
I find myself checking daily for new posts and am following Jukee doodles like a stalker :D
The only trouble is its making me want another cockapoo, haven't broached it with hubby yet, will wait till after summer holidays !
Actually its great hearing all the advice and antics of everyone else's cockapoo's and I love seeing the photos.
Oh and my 2 ate a sandal this morning AND destroyed a solar light in my garden!!
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I think you can tell you've been looking at this site too much, when you start dreaming about it!! The other night I had a dream, I met Amanda and Lady whilst out walking. It was her 37th birthday and her husband produced a black cockapoo out of his pocket as a surprise pressie. He was called black velvet!!! Yes - am feeling a little mad!!
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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