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Thoughts on a toy size or smaller cockapoo

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We have had two mini cockapoos over the years. Each was in the 25 pound range. I think I’d like to have a smaller dog so it can travel more easily with us. The definitions of size designations seem unclear. Some are called “toy,”others are called “teacup” and I just saw “micro” (because the breeder says “teacup“means 10-15 pounds and “micro” is under 8 pounds. We very much would like a dog that weighs 10-15 pounds. Lighter would be fine. Heavier would be a problem. So, we prefer the smaller side. Has anyone been successful finding a breeder who accurately predicts a very small cockapoo? We greatly would appreciate your thoughts.
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Unfortunately I have sometimes seen when size becomes the over riding factor health is neglected and the parents are selected purely for small size and may not be good health tested examples of the breed so I would be wary of breeders using any of those words in an advert but maybe look for those using toy poodles as studs as they are going to have a greater chance of producing smaller pups.
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