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Throw rugs mistaken for training pads

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My puppy has several times mistakenly peed on various throw rugs even when I just took him to the training pad! Otherwise he is excellent at using the pad.

I think he gets confused with the rugs looking like a potty. Just wondering if anyone else had this experience and how they dealt with it
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All i can think is 'aww, bless him'!!! :D

could you use a deterrent spray on the rugs? or take them up until he learns where his pads are (and keep them in 1 area?)
My friends dog would wee on anything that was on the floor, usually piles of washing or a towel, so i think this is quite common.

It maybe worth taking them up for a bit so as not to confuse him.
We gave in and got rid of our rugs as Max would keep weeing on them... even though they were purple I think he thought they were grass haha!

Good luck xx
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Funnily enough, Izzy got worse with the peeing inside again when I put the rug back down in the hall, have removed it again and we're having a "dry spell". She never used a pad, apart from in her crate :confused:
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We too had to take up all our rugs. We have all wood/slate floor downstairs and had these shaggy rugs that were too much like grass. Even after spraying them, he still kept having accidents on them. I think it is really hard to totally remove the smell from rugs/carpets. They have now been removed and will have to be professionally cleaned before I put them back (probably when he is at least 1 year!).
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Thanks everyone. Will probably take the rugs off for now. Got so manually over the house and the one in my living room is highly grassy !
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