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Tillys new item of clothing

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Tilly you are bootiful, love the neck scarf :cool:
I think she likes it :) She look lovely and proud. :)
Oh Tilly you are a dream ... what lovely pics and a fancy new scarf :) :)
How cute!!! She looks gorgeous in her new scarf! xxx
I so love Tilly! She knows how to work the camera:)
Tilly looks gorgeous - such a little poser :) x
Hi guys. Thanks for all the lovely comments. Ur dead right. She is a little poser. Think it's her way of melting my heart after being bold. X

Jeanie 馃槈
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Tilly is so gorgeous! What cross is she?
Tilly is so gorgeous! What cross is she?
God question,
All I know is cocker mom and miniature poodle dad,

She was only ment to go to 15" I think.

Measured her the other day and she's 17" and 10kg weight. At 7months. 馃槼馃槼馃槼

Jeanie x
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Lovely photos of Tilly modelling her new scarf.

Clare and Bertie
Thanks guys.
Think I should enrol her in modelling school.
She'd give them a run for their money, 馃槃馃槃馃槃馃槃

Jeanie x
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