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Toilet issues

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Hello again ive read a couple of your posts on toileting and just wanted to ask if anyone has any advice on getting Bailey to go outside to use the toilet, at the minute he is going on his paper that is put down (well 9/10)
The problem is when i take him outside he wont do anything he'll come back inside and go on the paper, i want to gradually get him off of the paper completely, any advice anyone?

Thanks Leanne:confused:
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use a toilet command, i use 'pee pee' but yopu can use 'be clean', 'wee wee' i know somone who uses 'wiz'

use the word and word just pick none and stic with it. when you know he will need a pee say the word when he pees and big praze after. the try taking him outside and using the word.

have ing a toilet command can be very handy ie for long trips or going over to friend or even if you know your going to be walking somwhere your not tooo keen on them toileting you can get them to toilet before you get their, rather than walking around waiting for them to find that perfect spot to pee you just say the command and they will pee.

it take time but is just word assosiation the same way you teach sit, they just need to lear that your command means toilet.

so deffo use a toilet command
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Hi leanne,

What we did with Tilly was when we brought her out the back she used spend ages walking around and smelling,
The cold used to hit her after a while and she needed to pee,
The min they crouch to wee give loads of praise and show a treat,
When they have finished give the treat straight away,
Continue this till they gets the hang of it,

They soon will,

Good luck x

Jeanie x
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Thankyou for your great advice:)

The last pup that we had we trained him by moving the paper closer and closer to the back garden door, then eventually moved the paper outside, it worked really well and quite quickly.
But as it was summer this was really easy, unfortunatley it's not warm enough yet to be leaving the door open all day so i will try using your suggestion thanks again, i'l let you know how i'm gettting on:D
I never used paper i would just take him outside every hour use a command "wee wee" once he'd done it i gave a high value treat and lots of praise ,also if weather was nice i would play outside for a bit .

The running round and playing helps to get the bowls moving so hopefully they will go for a number 2 while out there as well.
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Saffi had been paper trained at her breeders but from day one we didn't put any paper down and took her straight outside. We stood still and waited patiently and eventually she went and as she went we said 'toilet' - stay with them until they toilet. We didn't give her a treat but praised her and went a bit bananas and she soon worked it out. When she has had accidents inside we don't reprimand but ignore and take her outside whilst the other person cleans up.

Ten days down the line we still go with her to the toilet and this is her third day clean in the house. She waits by the back door and barked today to get out. I was very proud! We do take her out every 25/30 minutes whilst she's awake, their bladders and bowels aren't strong at this age.

Good luck!
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Its good advice to name the toileting so the learn to associate your word with their action.

Could you take the paper outside with you so she may wee on that. Bring it back in if you need to or maybe eventually leave it outside near the door. :D

Good luck, its not always easy toilet training. :D
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