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use a toilet command, i use 'pee pee' but yopu can use 'be clean', 'wee wee' i know somone who uses 'wiz'

use the word and word just pick none and stic with it. when you know he will need a pee say the word when he pees and big praze after. the try taking him outside and using the word.

have ing a toilet command can be very handy ie for long trips or going over to friend or even if you know your going to be walking somwhere your not tooo keen on them toileting you can get them to toilet before you get their, rather than walking around waiting for them to find that perfect spot to pee you just say the command and they will pee.

it take time but is just word assosiation the same way you teach sit, they just need to lear that your command means toilet.

so deffo use a toilet command
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