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Must admit i do what Ali does and give a command i say "wee wee" and he goes striaght away .

Funny story though never say the word while in the house which i did once i said "come on Buddy lets go wee wee" omg he did it there and then on my wooden floor LOL
I know what you mean! We use the command 'Go Toilet' and Lolly is pretty good with it, going on command and we haven't had anything in the house for many weeks now but I still think I should be careful whenever I ask the kids to go :rolleyes: Or if I'm letting them know where I'm going! I end up having to say that I'm going for a wee or to spend a penny!

I bought this training spray and used to take Lolly outside and spray where I wanted her to go. She would always have a good sniff and do a wee straight away :D We then would say "toilet" in a praising sing song voice (I dread to think what the neighbours thought!) I think the spray helped Lolly know what I wanted her to do and where was a good place to do it.
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