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We are on day 5 with lovely little Buzzbee but he doesn't seem to be 'getting' the idea at all. We are following all the good advice. Taking him out after meals, waking, playing etc... And praising him loads and giving him a treat when he does it outside. He is also mostly dry in his crate at night so far. He wee's so fast hardly sniffing before and often does that the minute we bring him in after being outside for ages with nothing happening. Poo's are mostly outside but only because we can catch him earlier trying to do it inside as it takes him longer to get into position!
I know it is early days but in every other way he seems a bright little chap. It must be us doing something wrong but I don't know what. Advice needed please.
Hi I think your doing everything right Milo (Buzzbee's brother) is way ahead of Alfie or so i thought! Today he's done two wee's inside one on the clean washing I had just taken out of the washer!!!!:(....I think I've got a little complacent....just need to keep at it and as everyone says it will just happen:)
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