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Toilet Training

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I was quietly hoping Riley had mastered toilet training in that we had no accidents inside for 2 and half week then on Sunday he did 3 wee's, yesterday 2 and this afternoon another one!!!:confused:

Riley is 16 weeks now, Is this normal? Was I just getting excited and expecting too much?

It does seem as though it is a bit of anxiety in that he is very much attached to me and when the children come home from school and he doesn't have all my attention the accidents happen. I know he has better bladder control now and that he usually asks to go out and I am still being vigilant with putting him out regularly and after any excitement etc.

I did get a bit cross today and hovered his nose over it and said 'No' - was that wrong?

Any advice welcome

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Punishment is out in housetraining. A good bit of it is rewarding them for going in the right place with praise, play or treats. If you punish then the dog will avoid going in front of you making it harder to help them know the best place to go.

Back to basics rewarding Riley when he does go in the right place, no punishment if he goes wrong just try to interrupt and take him out. If he doesnt go when you have him out then keep him next to you or in his crate and take him back out in a wee while. He doesnt get loose time until he has been and you know he will be okay for a while.

While some dogs will be house clean by 16 weeks many will not and take a good bit longer. They are all individuals.
It is frustrating when they wee inside when you think you have cracked it and you can sometimes get annoyed. Hattie had been clean for about two weeks then we had a couple of wees indoors. I suspect I may have become complacent and perhaps trusted her too much. Went back to basics and she now seems able to hold it but I can now spot the 'new' signs she gets a bit over excited so I open the back door and that is usually what she wants. Despite what we may think dogs don't plan to wind us up they do not have the capability. They live in the moment and respond to the stimuli they are given so just keep watching and problem may soon be resolved.
I always find that in housetraining they take a few steps back at one point before finally becoming housetrained.I use a specific treat just for housetraing and reward when pup performs where he is meant to and of course loads of praise usually in a silly high pitched voice.I always use a specific word/words ie be quick,be clean go pee pee etc.I tend to ignore accidents silently picking pup up and taking them straight outside All pups are different,some are very quick,others take a bit longer but they all get there in the end. xxx
Daisy's toilet training went backwards and forwards until she was about 7 months but when we got her at 5 months she wasn't toilet trained. We ignored the accidents and praised her when she went outside.

I always went back to basics, watching for signs, regular visits outside and making sure we used the same phrase. Accidents were usually because of me relaxing a bit :rolleyes: but we got there in the end and now I don't even think about it.
Thanks for replies, good to know others experienced the same. I do take him out often and always treat when he goes outside, we also use 'quickly' as his 'do a wee' word. The most frustrating thing is when he does it after he has been out but I need to keep reminding myself how far we have come in the last 8 weeks!!!
We had this exact problem with Poppy, she was going outside properly all the time after the first month, then all of a sudden decided she couldn't be bothered & for about a week just kept weeing on the floor!

On time she was so bad that I asked he if she wanted a wee wee in the kitchen (and when she does she walks to the door), she looked at me, waited til I looked away to use the kettle & squatted right there!

I did get a bit cross today and hovered his nose over it and said 'No' - was that wrong?
So I know people have advised against this, BUT my dad got very cross (after the above) & told her she was very naughty and showed her it & put her outside. We then made sure we started treating again lots for the next week or so when she went out & it worked a treat, she stopped doing it after that one telling off & has no problem at all going for a wee in front of us, she just knows it isn't acceptable in the house.

Good luck! You'll get through it :) x
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Possibly more to do with you starting to treat her again for going outside that she improved again than the telling off. While one telling off might not cause problems if you continued doing it there is a good chance it would.
just like naughty toddlers aren't they!! Will make sure I keep treating and ignore the odd wet patches x
Ruben is 5 months old and still has the occasional accident inside. We have a doggy door so he takes himself outside to toilet but there are times when he decides that going inside is a better idea!
I'm not sure that's the case, I think in some circumstances one telling off isn't bad, children need it & learn from it, but yes reinforced by the treating. But just my opinion of my experiences.
I agree Laura, when Izzy was about 6 months old, I had reached the point of despair, she was absolutely able to hang on to go, had access to outside when she needed to go, but seemed really lazy. Julie (millie) bravely posted with advice she'd been given by a police trainer - show them the wee, tell them NO and take them outside. It certainly worked for me, I have never treated for toilet training, using praise instead.
I Certainly wouldn't advocate doing it with a young pup though :eek:
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I would think that is perfectly normal for a 16 week old puppy! Lucy was barely getting the hang of it by then, and still has accidents once in a while.

It rained for a few days in a row this week (she's never been in rain before) and she absolutely refused to go potty in the rain. We literally would stand outside in the rain with her for 20 minutes, and she would just stare at us and whine to come back inside so we would finally give up and come in, and she would pee on the carpet. She's peed more inside in the past week than she did when we 1st got her!! She also pooped in the living room, which she's NEVER done before! So now that its not raining anymore, I think she is still scared of going outside and completely forgot how to use her bells to be let out. (She used them 99% of the time to be let outside before..) Hopefully she will relearn quickly and be ok with going outside again and not get too comfy going pee inside!
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Its normal Buddy's 8 mths and he went upstairs and left a nice poo in my daughters room the other day!!!

Thank god he's on NI ,firm and crumbly so easy to pick up (sorry for being graphic) ,he has also had the odd wee upstairs evry now and again for no reason??
Exactly, we got to the stage where it was getting ridiculous, she knew where she should go & she could hold it longer & we knew she just wouldn't go out in the rain! So we had to just show he it once & say no & put her outside, we did treat for about a week just to reinforce the behaviour as well because we wanted her to stop weeing in the house & she hasn't done it since! She's been absolutely brilliant (we didn't treat after that first week so she didn't get too used to it) & now they're both brilliant :D Although Poppy chews EVERYTHING! That's the only problem we have with her lol & running off at the end of walks apparently! Naughty girl :/
I think that was it - the rain! I hadn't put 2 + 2 together but it was raining the last few days and although he did go out, I think he did tiny wee's to get in quickly then came in and realised he still needed to go. We also walked in the rain yesterday and he absolutely didn't want to 'sit' in it either (who can blame him!)

Anyway, nothing so far today and has been dry outside, we'll see and I know he is very young but I sort of treat him like I would the children, as in kind but firm I would never punish him but think to point out you are unhappy isn't a bad thing.
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