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Ha ha ha yes mine have been very amused by a little brown plastic flowerpot :)

in its final days ... it had loads of little puppy teeth punchers in it :)
Archie has a flower pot that he plays with in the back garden! We lovingly refer to it as his "playpen" as he has a very specific area that he goes to play in - by his own choice :) He has found in the garden and placed in his playpen:

* 2 x flower pots
* 3 x carrots
* 1 x quince
* 1 x piece of blue plastic (we have no idea how he got this or what it was?)
* 1 x red tea towel

I bought Archie 2 kids teddy bears from Sainsburys when we got him. They were £5 each and about 6" in height. He adores them and plays with them all the time. They get washed and shoved in the tumble dryer. They are amazing ... I cannot believe they are still going with no injuries!
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