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Archie has a flower pot that he plays with in the back garden! We lovingly refer to it as his "playpen" as he has a very specific area that he goes to play in - by his own choice :) He has found in the garden and placed in his playpen:

* 2 x flower pots
* 3 x carrots
* 1 x quince
* 1 x piece of blue plastic (we have no idea how he got this or what it was?)
* 1 x red tea towel

I bought Archie 2 kids teddy bears from Sainsburys when we got him. They were £5 each and about 6" in height. He adores them and plays with them all the time. They get washed and shoved in the tumble dryer. They are amazing ... I cannot believe they are still going with no injuries!
That is sooooo funny as we have a huge garden which Billy loves to mooch around but one particular area where he has ruined the grass and tried to dig to Australia. There is an assortment of his toys in this bit of the garden and if we have a missing shoe or glove we always look in 'Billys hole in the garden' first!
H x
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