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Flo likes small bits of mature hard cheese (Cheddar if UK!) and she also loves frozen peas! When training I use dog sausage and small bits of dried (microwaved) lambs liver. She also loves salmon so when I cook salmon I take the skin off then let it dry in the oven as it cools. You can also get commercial dried fish and some dogs really lovely strong fish. I struggle to get Flo to take her nose off the ground when outdoor training as she is a real 'scenter' but she'll always ligt her head for 'smelly' fish. Sometimes the trick is to have a selection of different bits so they don't get bored and know what's coming.

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Liver cake baked! Very popular!

1 lb (450g) liver (lambs or pigs)
1 lb (450g) granary flour
3 eggs
2 cloves of garlic (optional)
One teaspoon of oil
Dash of milk
Liquidise liver with eggs, milk, oil and garlic in blender. Add to flour and mix. Put into a microwave dish
and cook on full power for about six-ten minutes.
The cake should bounce back when pressed lightly, when cooked.
Cut the ca
ke into slices and freeze. Take out of freezer when required.
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