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Hi everyone, I'm keen to start training Charley commands but don't know where to start. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good website which could help. He already sits when I ask him - not sure how he learnt that but he does it everytime!

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with boycie i taught hand signals as well as words so when out and about
get his attention and sign ,
worked wonders for me
also use treats smal smelly tasty ones
once sitting show treat ,,,,,drag treat to floor when he goes down say down and treat
repeat repeat repeat
from sit show treat but dont give it till he paws it ,,,,when he paws it say paw and treat
repeat etc,,,,
after about 5 day of this show treat while sitting and show palm hand
he will paw it say hi 5,,,,,repeat etc.,,,,,,swap hands etc mine picked this up real quicvk and used paw nearest treat ie left or right
theres some to start wwith,,,,
they re quick learners so good luck
i found training in routine easiest
ie on waking 730 am 5min training then breakfast
good luck
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