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Treacle has Hip Dysplasia

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Treacle has been at the vets today for x-rays and tests to establish wether she has Hip Dysplasia.
Sadly it has been confirmed that her right hip easily dislocates [luxating Hip] as the socket is not rounded over the top of the femur.
It is thanks to Mick from this forum and CCGB [A1 K9's] that I had this investigated - Treacle has been loving agility training but sometimes has been reluctant and Mick noticed her Gait was not straight! I had noticed that after long walks followed by a sleep at home that she was stiff and wobbly when she first got up but being relatively inexperienced dog owner, I thought she was just tired. Mick asked me to get her checked out and so here we are!
the fact that she has been diagnosed so young opens a window of opportunity for corrective surgery - very young dogs [I think it is up to 15 months] can have this as long as bones still pliable.
Treacle's X-rays have been sent to Orthopeadic Vet surgeons at Newmarket who will study them and decide if she is a candidate for surgery - then we have to make the decision as to wether we go through with it or just manage the symptoms as they appear - obviously worsen as she gets older if no surgery.
Presently, Treacle shows no sign of pain - just uncomfortable at times, so it is hard to say what the future will be like. She loves her walks - running fast through fields - playing with Clyde and I want her life to be full of these happy things!
As you can imagine I am devastated that Treacle has to go through her life with this condition or undergo major surgery but i suppose it is just one of those unfortunate things.
As the vet says - most owners would not realise their dog has this problem until much later in life - as i would not have done had it not been for Mick and his keen eye and experience.
I will let you all know the decision we make next week if surgery is offered.
Thank you for all your support x

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Oh gosh Nadine, that is so sad! Well done on getting her to the vets so quickley, I am sure your swift actions will have a hugely positive influence on her treatment and prognosis.
Thank you for sharing this with us, it is a very important issue. Well done Mick too for picking up the signs.
Big hugs to you and little Treacle. x
I am so sorry to read this.
I am glad that you are doing for her what she needs, and whatever is best for her.
Hoping you get the news from the vet that you are hoping to get. and that Treacle will be ok.
Nadine im so sorry to hear about treacle.There is another cockapoo called albie who has this condition and theyre members on the cockapoo owners fb.his mum may be able to help.One of the dogs i look after is a huge labradoodle who also has hip dysplasia.His owners have managed his condition with meds but theyre all different,i really hope treacle can manage with just meds too,big hugs to treacle xxx
Oh Nadine thats a great shame, but so lucky that Mick spotted the signs and that hopefully you'll be able to get it sorted early and before she 's in any obvious pain. Hope all goes well x x
Really sorry to hear this. At least now you know you can get the best advice and decide what is best for Treacle.

Hoping for many happy pain free years whatever your decisions about treatment.
So sorry to hear ur news. But glad shes not showing signs of any pain. X

Jeanie 😉
Poor Treacle! Thank goodness this been spotted at a young age and I hope this gives her a better prognosis for the future.
Gosh, that mustve been a shock but great that Mick spotted it so early so treacle will have the best possible chance of getting something done to help her. Hope all goes well for her :)
Oh no poor Treacle....Im sure by catching things early will give her the best possible outcome in the future. Please give her a big hug from me..you know how fond I am of her...I'm sure Betty would like to send a cockapoo kiss or two too xx
So sorry to read about Treacle. You must be so sad but at least it was spotted early and now you can get the best treatment for her. Sending hugs :hug: and Betty and Daisy send Cockapoo kisses to Treacle. xx
Sorry to hear this but glad you've caught it early so have options. Well done Mick for spotting it too. Fingers crossed you can get Treacle sorted without surgery.

Sorry to hear the news about Treacle but you have caught it early and hopefully something can be done to help. Big hugs to you both :hug:
Poor Treacle. But really well done for getting it spotted so soon. I guess take plenty of advice from the vets and it they can help fix it by surgery that must be a good thing.

Oh no Nadine, so sorry to read his, poor Treacle :(. As you've said it's been recognised early (nice one Mick) and that's giving her the best chance possible for effective treatment options. Thank goodness she is not in too much pain, a small blessing I suppose. I really hope you can work out a treatment plan soon and get her more comfortable. When we buy our puppies we never know what is going to happen to them, much like our friends and family. Sending you and the gorgeous Treacle hugs :hug:
Oh Nadine, I am so sorry, poor Treacle, what an awful shock for you. I hope that you will soon know what course of action you need to take, and wish you the best possible outcome for Treacle. Please keep us updated. Ali :hug:
So sorry to hear of Treacle's problem! If it helps, I had an Australian Shepherd who had to have the hip surgery for dysplasia, and he lived a long (15 years) and happy life. He had the surgery just before his first birthday.
Big hug and kisses to both of youxxxx
As weve all said at A1k9's you two have the most amazing partnership I just love the loveing looks Treacle gives you,dont worry and if you need any help with Clyde while your at the vets etc i will look after him for you happily(may not want to give him back though tee hee)
Big sloppy kiss from Buddy x
Nadine, I'm so sorry to hear about your gorgeous little Treacle but thank goodness it has been spotted early and fingers crossed for some positive news about the treatment she can have.

hugs from us all here
Really sorry to hear this Nadine - it must be a really worrying time for you. Sending you both hugs xxx
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