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Tyler's Mama

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Hello All. This is my first time visiting here. I have 1 Cockapoo named Tyler, a black, neutered male, just turned 6 years old. This guy was a rescue at 8 months from the local Shelter. I was able to contact the original owners and found out that he had been given to an 8 year old as a puppy for Christmas!
Anyhow, the family had never had a dog and was clueless about housebreaking. He was surrendered because he kept "pottying" in the house. He was broken at my house within 2 weeks and has since been the best buddy anyone could ever have. We have done Basic and Advanced Obedience and Agility, Fly Ball, and he just earned his CGC from the AKC and is in training to become a Pet Therapy Dog

I am totally in love with him and I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual. Nice to meet you all. Would love to hear about your dog stories. Tyler has some hilarious ones! He's quite a clown and has never met an enemy.
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hey welcome, how stupid were the pairents, but it sounds like he has landed on his feet with you.

so come on lests hear thw funnny storys oh an photos are a must. welldone and enjoy the pet therapy.
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