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Update on Axle

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So as you all know my husband and I work nights. So Axle spends literally 20 hours a day in his kennel. As we all know, this is not good, but we have to make a living right? Well, within the first week of us being on the same schedule Axle changed. He was being "rude" for better words, was using the floor for the bathroom, vomiting, would not eat and was a wreck. He would not sleep when we needed to so we were going to work with no sleep and sometimes just had to stay up. This was clearly stressing our baby Axle out. After dealing with the stress on us as well I decided to stay home. Axle has done a complete 360. He is eating, his normal behaviors are back. He is not using the house for a bathroom, although he did have 2 accidents but I think that is because he did not know if and when we were staying home so he was nervous. He is back to his favorite spot on the windowsil, he is sleeping wonderfully. Long story short, I have never had a dog in my life where seperation was an issue. I know now that my Axle bear is not a home alone type of dog. We love him so much and it was painful to see him go through all this. I am glad to say he is in good health and things are back to normal.

On another good note, its good to be back! I have been away for a few weeks with work, but no more! Glad ot be back!
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Par, I am home now for good. My husband is working. He is out of the military now so I am able to stay home and be financially ok. Thank you. =)

Kendal, I totally agree. It was literally not possible at all with the way our schedules were. It was awful.

Appreciate the thoughts guys.
Aw thank you guys! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a safe new year!
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